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The reason why it all began

Resuminator was an idea which was incepted during the legendary lockdown of 2020. It was born out of an itch for better user-experience while creating resumes with cumbersome tools like LaTeX editors.

The first public release of Resuminator was in January, 2021. Even though it was a simple version with just one resume support and very restrictive layouts and design controls, people gathered around to use and we thought there might be some potential to this project.

The next few months were exciting and we talked to our community (others read it as users), and we thought to write it all from scratch keeping the part people loved, and adding the ones they always wanted from their resume service. And finally we came up with a radical change in design which you see today.


The people that power this product for thousands of people who love it.

Vivek Nigam

Creator, Lead Developer

Collects dozens of typefaces, uses only two. Part-time mentor. Frontend and Design, execution and strategy.

Himanshu Garg

Creator, Backend Wizard

The guy senior devs tell you not to worry about. Handles everything system design, dev-ops and backend.

Proudly Community Driven

Backed by open-source.

We are big time open-source fans because of its collaborative nature and growth-for-all persona. We built Resuminator for a community of folks just like us because we wanted to give something back to place we have learnt so much from. ♥

You can be a part of this journey by helping us improve Resuminator for thousands of people around the world.

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